11. Otowa

Japanese-style pancake and grilled meat

Particular Japanese-style pancake with local sauce and the choice sauce which tastes sweet with tomato as much as usual six times are proud of fried noodles of the feature for us. Settlement becomes high in the make in which other customers aren't interested, so the table seat for 4 people is also popular in a family bed of the child companion. Please come once by all means.

The recommendation menu

Black pepper is salt leek fried noodles of the accent. A lady is popular and salt sagging is outstanding! One which also goes well with rice as well as beer well.


Store information
Website https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000762869/
Remarks It's possible to reserve from 15 people. Please also consult about a course with an all you can drink any time.
The business hours

Lunch 11:30-14:00
Dinner 17:00-22:00 (last call 21:30)

Telephone 06-6998-4330
The Address Zip 570-0085 2-12, Matsumachi, Moriguchi-shi
Access Than subway Tanimachi line Moriguchi station, about 3 minutes on foot
Regular day off The regular holiday-lessness