13. Tontei

Fried pork cutlet and broiled cutlet on a skewer

2018 year March move redesign OPEN! They boast of a particular fried pork cutlet with Echigo rice cake pork of small softness of the texture freshly, having it and keeping the food texture of the meat origin made rice cake. You can be particular about the Bread Crumbs selected carefully and blend oil and enjoy the light food texture made fence. Cutlet Skewers and the menu which has a piece of abundant menu other ones are prepared. Lunch and a family, a little, one serving! Please cross NI any time. I also have a banquet course in the perfect private room.

Recommended menu

Lunch is sirloin fried breaded pork Set Meal of 800 yen and 120 grams of large size of 980 yen. Thick slice sirloin of 200g and the set menu of 1680 yen are popular much in the evening. A skewer of Cutlet Skewers at night is 130 yen, about 30 kinds and in a set of 10 of trusting of 1170 yen. At the Keihan department store where local specialty and a sandwich at very limit of 820 yen are localness, in third Saturday every month, in service!

Store information

Store information
Telephone 06-6992-0114
The address Zip 570-0087 11-7, Umemachi, Moriguchi-shi
The business hours

11:00-14:30 (L.O.14:00)

17:00-21:30 (L.O.20:30)

Regular day off Regular holiday-less (Please check it beforehand.)

Please give up smoking at noon and use vicinage's metered parking for a parking lot.

I'll also handle a takeout.